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Date: Sat, 05 Oct 1996 09:46:57 -0400
From: Rdy4Battle@aol.COM
Subject: gun update from freinds in Austr

A. R. (Tony) Pitt
79 Ferry Street,
MARYBOROUGH ... Q. 4650.

To: All Loyal Australians.

Dear Friends,
I served in the RAAF for twenty years and retired with the rank of Warrant Officer (Tech.) In 1962 I spent time in Thailand protecting the locals from insurgents. I feel some comment is warranted on the anti-gun issue that has grown from the Port Arthur tragedy.

>From the mind boggling flow of anti-gun bull dust I can see that most pollies can't grasp the significance of the gun issue. How could one explain to these pollies, who have never been under threat, that private and national defence also warrants consideration. A few hundred miles north, there are a million soldiers who would gang rape a girl, cut off her breasts, and chatter and laugh like monkeys as she ran blindly in terror, pain and shock, past oppressed locals who were too scared to help or even look at her, out of fear that they would suffer similarly if they were to intervene. This is a santisied version of a report on life in West New Guinea, a country subjugated by our most serious potential threat, Indonesia. The writer said that soliders lit a grass skirt under the girl before they released her. Timor and Cambodia are no better. The Iranians marched children and oldies across minefields to clear the way for tanks. What would they do to you?

In 1946 the Australian government put into long term storage 500,000 rifles and Brens to be used if we were invaded? Under the ALP/LIB/NATS these were all sold or destroyed (The Australian 31/5/1991). The ALP took 100,000 SLRs (Self Loading Rifle),the L1A1, worth $4,000 each and melted them down at B.H.P. (The Australian 14/12/1994). How can politicians justify the complete destruction of our emergency reserves?

This political intervention leaves the military with 37,000 Steyr rifles and 3,100 riflemen. The design of the Steyr uses plastic in heat critical components such as triggers, hammers and sears. A weapons use directive Order No. 7196-94 has been issued to all army and air force units not to fire more than 90 rounds, or more than nine seconds of automatic fire because the plastic components will melt down. We are undefended. The only effective weapons left in Australia to stop the occupation and rape of Australia now lie in private homes. When they are gone we are at the mercy of invaders. What use is there telling pollies that the people who possess these weapons would defend Australia? Howard, Fischer, Beazley, Kernot and the like, are all party to, or supportive of, the betrayal of our defence capability. The Australian Constitution prohibits political control of the armed forces because our forefathers knew the nature of politicians.

These people are well aware that a gun register is the greatest asset to any invader. When the Germans went into Poland they did so only after careful preparation. They had their Quislings, under the guise of public safety, register all firearms. When the invasion eventuated a German officer and the Police Chief, with a copy of the "register", visited every home. They asked for the guns by model and serial number. If the guns were not forthcoming, they shot the children first, then the wife. If the guns still did not come out they then shot the man and burnt the house.

Howard, Beazley, Fischer, Kernot & Co. know this. We have told them time and time again. Why do they want a register? They would have you believe they want to save lives. This is rubbish. They know full well that any cuckoo, with a 44 gallon drum of petrol can kill more innocents than the Port Arthur clown.

A few well meaning gullible people have advocated a Central Gun Repository, where shooters can store their guns and, when they are not upset with the wife and kids, go and draw the gun out for a couple of hours. The Germans pulled this one too. They threw away the key the day before the invasion. The Russians were different. They opened the repositories, took the guns and shot the owners.

How would you explain that in the seventies our government replaced key military personnel, who earned their rank and knew by painful experience how to take an enemy occupied hill? They were replaced by academics straight from university armed only with defence diplomas and defence degrees.

This is not a game we play. The enemy engages in war. The Japs were smart enough to map and assess Australia's capability to defend itself twenty years before World War II. The Japanese spies reported that, "The people are well armed and know how to use those arms. They would pose a serious threat to any occupying force." They also said that the natives (Aborigines) could not be enlisted or even used to get rid of the Europeans. They said the Aborigines were "...not even fit to be used as slaves." Readers should be made aware that the Japs were going to shoot the Aborigines and enslave us. The Japs used 27,000 Korean girls as comfort girls (slave prostitutes) for their troops because they were religious and clean. They weren't clean long. Do readers seriously think the Indonesians are not just as ruthless, and just as territorially ambitions? Why do the Indonesians overfly WA, NT and QLD every day? Why do the Japanese re-arm?

Perhaps the hardest nut to chew is the treason of our own government. The Liberals signed an agreement to totally disarm all civilians, police and military in 1981 (I have a copy). The ALP ratified it in 1983. Then they invited the Indonesians in to train at our jungle training centre. They brought Indonesian generals in to umpire our Kangaroo Exercise where the U.S. and N.Z. staged an invasion from the north. We lost the war games. The Indonesians were the real winners because they saw every truck and every tank, and every tactic we used to counter the mock invasion from the north.

Back benchers blindly obey ministers who invite a potential enemy in, give them the Bush Tuckerman book and let them travel and spy? This is the truth. These people in government are guilty of treason. If you want to let traitors disarm you then you deserve your fate, but don't take me and my family with you.

These are the hard cold facts. Indonesia has close to 1,000,000 men under arms if one co