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Legal Education Resources

A Beginner's Guide to Legal Education
From Professor James R. Elkins, College of Law, West Virginia University.

A Modest Proposal
A law professor's argument for publishing legal scholarship directly on the Web, bypassing "the straitjacket of the law reviews."

Bar Exam Tips
An assortment of basic advice from an Internet bar review program.

Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research
Catherine P. Best's very useful articles and tips on all forms of legal research, not necessarily just for Canadians nor limited to Internet sources.

Students and the Univ. of Dayton Law School present a "cybercrimes" seminar on-line, a national cybercrimes moot court competition, and a model state computer penal code for your review and comments.

Jurist - The Law Professors' Network Best of the Net
A well-designed site intended to connect law professors with each other and anyone else interested. Professors' home pages, online articles, resources, course pages and more.

Lex Juris
A site maintained by a French Law student both in French and English about Law studies in France, law resources and links.

Pass the Bar Exam!
A bar exam preparation "expert" offers up some free advice as well as criticizing the typical law school process and pointing you to his services.

Resources for Legal Education
A comprehensive resource on both teaching and learning law - a graduate program in itself.

Rominger's Law School Outline Links
A variety of outlines from law school classes and professors in various schools.

Seminars and Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
Part of Washburn University's LawJobs site, a detailed and comprehensive calendar of events in legal education.

Students, Learning and Legal Education

Why is there so much lawyer dissatisfaction?
Might be a good idea to find out now. You can get some free clues from this commercial "professional development" site.

Cram Cheat SheetsTM - Cram NotesTM - Cram ExamsTM

Legal Self Help and Referrals

Contacting Your U.S. Gov't Leaders
U.S. Government Resources Guide Robert Longley provides the contact info.

How to Cross-Examine Witnesses
A deceptively simple 'How To' on cross-examining witnesses, from your Guide.

How to Speak to a Judge
A simple 'How To' on how to speak to a judge in court, from your Guide.

Consumer Information - National Consumer Law Center
Consumers: Buying a car? Questions about credit? Need info on home repair scams? View NCLC's consumer information.

Fifty Ways to Scam Your Brother: A Field Guide To Fraud
We're all victims of some kind of fraud sooner or later. This excellent article will help you keep your eyes open.
Find all types of free legal forms. is not a directory but rather a unique search engine that only "crawls, collects and adds" actual forms and form sites to it's database.
WARNING: The pop-up window is an ad for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

FindLaw Consumer Law Center
The best free legal research site provides this assortment of tools and information for non-lawyers.

How good is be-your-own-lawyer software?
Three programs reviewed: Expert Software's Do-It-Yourself Lawyer (version 3.0), Quicken Family Lawyer '99, and an early release of WillMaker 7.0 from Nolo Press. PC World Online, 11/03/98.

Legaldocs: Prepare Legal Documents Online
Pick, prepare and receive documents from their online templates. Some are free, some cost a bit. The presentation, at least, is very professional.

New York Courts & Law Guide
"This guide includes more than 100 documents, written in plain English, that explain the courts and laws of New York to non-lawyers."

Nolo Press Self Help Law Center Best of the Net
Now this is what a self-help site should be. Doesn't try to train you to be a sharp litigator but provides a wealth of useful information and sources for use in facing daily, routine legal issues.

Sacramento Law Office of Vincent DiCarlo
While advertising their own services and seminars, this site also provides a wealth of free information for businesses, lawyers and investors.

"Specializing in 'cutting edge' law, law references, and real solutions regarding income/employment taxes for U.S. Citizens and businesses. ~ Always free ~"

USA-wide Law Pages
Basic and well-presented legal information on a variety of topics, from Alternative Dispute Resolution to Negotiations to Trademark Law, prepared by experts in and for the USA.

World Wide Legal Information Association
Consumer information, and educational materials for kids, on legal topics from several English-speaking countries.

Legal News Sources

News/Issues Channel
The full group of News/Issues sites on, from Animal Rights to World News.

Supreme Court Report
The latest actions and other information about the U.S. Supreme Court, from U.S. Gov Info Guide Robert Longley.

ABA Washington Letter
A monthly publication reporting and analyzing congressional and executive branch action on legislative issues of interest to the ABA and the legal profession.

ACLU Press Releases
Daily reports of civil liberties news, also searchable by subject.

Business Law Today
ABA's Business Section publishes this newsmagazine; the most recent articles are freely available online.

Bytes in Brief
The current issue of the monthly news and links on Internet law and technology issues - also delivered free by email.

CalLaw Legal Newswire
Regular business and other legal news from CalLaw features and an AP feed.

Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
The site of a group challenging the CDA, which criminalizes "indecent" speech on the Internet. A defining moment for the medium.

Court TV News
A cornicopia of law news and deep reference material on courtroom and law enforcement stories in the media.

Department of Justice Press Releases - SEARCH
Search this database from July, 1994. See also the U.S. Attorneys' press releases search below.

Documents in the News Best of the Net
Fantastic source for government, law, and political documents indexed by topic and year of news event, from the University of Michigan Documents Center.

Federal Court News Service
Willamette Law School offers two free email news services for cases pending or decided in federal court - U.S. Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit.

JURIST: What's New
Law Professors on the Web lists recent additions to professors' home pages, online articles, course pages, and resource pages on their favorite legal topics.

Just the Law Links Newsletter Directory
Index of monthly newsletters with featured topics, from LawResearch.

Justice Department Issues, News and Topics of Interest
From the U.S. Department of Justice.

Justice Information Center
An extensive source of information on criminal and juvenile justice administration.

Law Street Journal
Great for keeping abreast of the major law stories of the day.

NACDL News Releases
Issues of note from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

New York Law Journal
News and a variety of resources for New York lawyers and law students.

Supreme Court Guide NYT.

Supreme Court News USAT
From USA Today. The latest actions and other information about the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tech Law Journal
"News and records about legislation, litigation and regulation affecting the computer and Internet industry."

United States Attorneys' Press Releases - SEARCH
Search the press releases of the 93 United States Attorneys.

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
Current legal issues in judicial decisions, law reform, policy related socio-legal research, and information technology and practice (mostly in Great Britain).


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