[With apologies to George Gershwin, sing:
They're writing lots of laws, but not for me...."]

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 23:31:43 -0700
From: George Zimmerlee
Organization: Research on Criminal Government
Subject: Waco hearings report (Thomas-Internet)

Please relay this message as patriot information and to help me locate certain information.

House Committee Report 104-749, Investigation into the Activities of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies toward the Branch Davidians, is available on the Internet through the "Thomas" server at the Library of Congress. [You might also try the following URL for the same document:]

This takes you to the homepage where you can scroll down to COMMITTEE INFORMATION and click on the hypertext "104" at Committee Reports. This takes you to the dialog box at Search Committee Reports. Scroll down to 2. Report Number, type in 104-749, select House Committee Reports by clicking on the radio button and then click the Search button.

You should get the Table of Contents for the report after a few seconds. Under EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, Section V. (D) Post-Raid Military Assistance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (February 28-April 19) you will find footnote references. Note 359 states, "civilian employees of the Department of Defense operated one piece of sophisticated electronics equipment." Note 358 states, "The electronics equipment was used to block the Davidians television reception."

At the 1995 House Waco Hearings, Ambassador H. Alan Holmes testified that Air Force civilians (exact number not stated, only plural) operated a jamming device to interfere with the Television Broadcast Service. It is my knowledge that such operation is in violation of the Communications Act of 1934 (as amended). When asked to give the names of these criminals, Holmes said he thought he could get that information. There is no mention of the identity of the Air Force civilians in my copy of House Rpt. 104-749.

Congress has exempted itself from the Freedom of Information Act, so it seems pointless to seek the information through FOIA. Can you ladies, or anyone who reads this message, tell me where I can get the full report on the Waco hearings, if such exist? I need the names of the Air Force civilians so that I can file a criminal complaint. Please, can anyone point me in the direction of this needed information? I am marginal in my detective skills. This will be the first and only (so far) criminal investigation of the murderers of the Branch Davidians.

Of course, any military personnel who wish to step forward and give information or to be deposed, will have my thanks and God's blessings. God loves the repentant soul.

Thanks for your time, for reading and relaying.

Yours for Freedom,
George Zimmerlee
89 Rhodes Drive, Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 565-7978