The Internet Patriot

February 3, 1997


"Up Yours," "Hands Off," "Dark Days" - those are three of the subject areas contained on the Web site known as " Self Help Legal Clinic" located at:

This site is not to be missed. Although it loads slow, due to the tremendous number of graphics, there is so much information to be had on this site, that no serious patriot should miss it (and anyone who is concerned about the slow loading can turn off their graphics and get all the good information). It might even be thought of as the Disney World of the Web. You can't see it all in one visit. You must come back again and again.

From mission statement: ". . . my hope is to make available at this site verified information to help everyone at least become better consumers of legal services and more informed Americans. My goal is to place my entire law practice in cyberspace so that everyone can get the help they need, be it about the legal process, the 'patriot' movement, or their individual needs." site has much information and links relating to jury issues, including information and links to Fully Informed Jury sites. There is a significant section on mediation as a way to take back your government; 2nd Amendment issues; links to a great many other legal resources available on the Internet; privacy issues, and also a section of links to financial and stock information. There is even an electronic mailing list which you can join on-line (the "Learning Electronically About Freedom mailing service").

I really haven't done the site justice here. You simply must go there for yourself and look about. There were so many good links, and so much information, that it will take a while to digest it and begin to make use of what is available.

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