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U.S. Code
Brought to you by the The Office of the Law Revision Counsel, provides this searchable database with the proviso that if you're using it for legal research, you should verify it with the printed version. This search uses a Java script, so you browser must support Java. Searchable. 11/96. R 04/00.

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Cornell US Code Search
Search the United States Codes thorugh Cornell's database. The codes can alse be looked up by individual sections. Searchable. 11/96, 07/98. R 04/00.

Search the entire United States Code.

Find US Code Materials by Title and Section
If you know the citation for the US Code material you want to find, fill in the title and section numbers below. (eg. 22 USC 1501 would be Title 22, Section 1501). You need to fill in both title and section. Searchable. 11/96.

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Cornell University's Legal Information Institute (Alternate)
Cornell Law School's searchable WAIS-based US Codes database. Searchable. 11/96.

Search the entire code:

[US TAX CODE - Alternative Site]
Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.

The Congressional Record

Full text search of bills in the Congressional Record:
Select a Session of Congress:
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Legislation and its' history in the Congress

Code of Federal Regulations
Search the Code of Federal Regulations
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR current as of October 30, 2006)

This front-end to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is generated from and links to the most recent version of the CFR placed on the Internet by the Government Printing Office.

To read about the Code of Federal Regulations, click here: Code of Federal Regulations: Service Provided by the U.S. Government Printing Office

  • Federal Register
  • Modern Age Archive: Chaining the Court to the Constitution

    Constitutional Law Page:
    Learn and Discuss Your Rights
    SCOTUS WIKI (and blog)

    Thomas Jefferson warned, SCOTUS @ LII "To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy."

    Citation Search
      U.S. e.g. 410 U.S. 113
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      Enter one party's name, e.g. Miranda
    Full-Text Search US Supreme Court Docket Online
    Supreme Court News
    Criminal Law and Procedure Decisions of the
    1998-99 Supreme Court Term

    - Summary and analysis from Solomon L. Wisenberg of Ross, Dixon & Bell, L.L.P.

  • LexisNexis Free Case Law
    FindLaw: Laws: Cases and Codes: All Circuit Courts Opinions
    DOJ gopher
    U.S. Federal Courts Finder (ISMap)

  • Office of the Solicitor General: Includes Government Briefs Submitted to the US SUPREME COURT since 1982
  • USSC+ OnLine 1700 through the present
  • Shepard's Case Finder Slip Opinions
  • Rules of the United States Supreme Court
  • LII/Hermes US S Ct May, 1990 to present (HTML format)
  • FLITE - US S Ct 1937-1975, (volumes 310 though 422 of U.S. Reports) [Alternative site]
  • Willamette Law Online - US S Ct, 9th Cir, OR opinion digests and lots more
  • Supreme Court International Bulletins
  • LII's Eye on the Courts

    Summary of current session resources:

  • Cornell's LII has links to: The "Current court calendar:" and "Background on Current Cases:"
  • FindLaw has a whole list of links to Supreme Court related pages, including:
    "The Court's Calendar:" and two "Oral Argument Schedules:" one at LII and Hermes and the other at USSC+ Listen to actual oral arguments from landmark Supreme Court cases of the past, since 1955, when the court began taping public proceedings.

    "The Historical Speech Archive"

  • Legal News FindLaw
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  • Lis-LEAF listing of Law Journals on the Web
  • List of Online Law Journals and Law Reviews
  • JURIST: Law Reviews
  • View contents pages from journals:
    in the US - list of journals
    outside the United States - list of journals
    Copies of these articles are available through the Law Library's document delivery service.

    Full Text Search of Law Journals on the Internet at Lawreview.org

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    Search Law Journals, Newsletters and On-line Publications, at Indiana University Law Library Catalog via telnet
    The W3 Virtual Library - LAW
    W3 Search Engines

    LAW FROM MIT Last Writes: Reassessing the Law Review in the Age of Cyberspace
  • The Directory of Law Professors

    State and Local Information: Meta-indexes, List Serves,  States & local governments, resources, GODORT and other sites
    Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
    LAWPAC on the WEB
    1040+ Search Engines
    FastSearch Law Engine
    Chicago-Kent's LawLinks with Meta-Indexes
    Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk
    c|net search.com: Legal

    Decentralised education at University of New South Wales
    UK Legal
    Law Society of England and Wales

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