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Cliff's Picks:

----------  Trying to pass the buck:  Does anybody have a
            mirror for Mr. Gore?

According to this story:

     "Gathered at the long table in the Cabinet room of the
     West wing, the president's Cabinet recently listened to
     Vice President Al Gore - 'the techno-nerd,' as some at the
     gathering have described him - drone on about a technical
     glitch that will hit most computers in the year 2000."

     [snip]  "Americans, he said, will hold the White House
     accountable. Looking around the table, Mr. Gore warned
     that "one of you" will likely get singled out as personally
     responsible for the administration's failure to get on top
     of this problem."

Earth to Mr. Gore.  Given that he is the one that the public
identifies as "the techno-nerd," given that he has failed to make (to
our knowledge) a single public speech educating the public about the
dangers of the Year 2000 computing problem, and given that he is
likely to run for election in the Year 2000, it is hard to imagine
that anyone is more likely than Mr. Gore to be singled out as the one
responsible for the administration's failure to tackle this issue...

The Politics of Year 2000 Computer Glitches

----------  Making a buck instead of passing it...

     "Doomsayers warn that the Year 2000 computer bug could
     shake international markets, trigger a global recession
     and cost $600 billion to fix worldwide.  So, you probably
     want to know if you can make a buck off of it."

A fund for the Millennium:
The Year 2000 bug may cost billions, but can you make money off of it?

----------  Danger! Danger! Will Robinson

Untold dangers of the millennium bug

National Emergency

Year 2000: Hospitals diagnose themselves in critical condition

Millennium Bug Boss Fears Chaos

Greenspan warns of year 2000 glitch

Year 2000 Bug Threatens Web Sites

Year 2000 Crisis: Truth or Scare?

----------  Why are Mulder and Scully messing around with space
            aliens when there are obviously higher priorities?

U.S. government gets 'D-' for progress on 2000 bug

Government Year 2000 Effort Lags Far Behind Schedule

Defense Science Board slams DOD's Year 2000 compliance efforts

Embattled FAA tries to assure Congress

IRS Unlikely To Meet Y2K Deadline

----------  Alex, I'll take Euro Complications for $400 Billion!

Double Jeopardy

Quick off the Mark

The Euro Stops Here

Softly, softly approach urged on euro

Change to Euro Currency May Cause Computer Snafu
(site requires registration)

A double whammy awaits

----------  Courting Disaster

Suit of the Century

The Year 2000 Legal Crisis

Are You At Risk?

Regulators brace for blitz of Y2K fraud

Rules change software cost: Two new accounting procedures affect how companies write off costs

Y2K management plan essential

2000 Reasons to Sue

Y2K: You Can't Insure Your Way Out of This One

Broker to withdraw year 2000 insurance

Y2K litigation safeguards

----------  Did Peter de Jager say "Free Upgrades?!"

A not-so-modest proposal

----------  Where have you gone, Karl Feilder...

The century bug's $2bn ITch

----------  Remember that PC means Possibly Compliant

Recycled PCs pose Y2K challenge

----------  If we can fix it there, we'll fix it anywhere...

When the Millennium Hits Central New York

City: $200M Will Fix Glitch

----------  Three if by air?  The British are coming, the British are coming!

Ace team jets to New York

----------  But they have problems in their own backyard too

UK to drag lagging Europe towards date compliance

Most European Businesses Are Ill-Prepared For New Currency

Blair takes charge of date bug

----------  The bug that ate Philadelphia

The first victim of the 2000 bug?

----------  Big trouble in little companies

Smaller Companies Run Big Y2K Risks

Big guns join forces to help small businesses beat bug

Are Smaller Banks Behind on Year 2000 Fix?

----------  How your supply chain can turn into a noose!

Will the chain be unbroken?

Y2K spotlight falls on suppliers

----------  Hello darkness my old friend

Will The Lights Go Out?

Utilities set up bug safety net

After compliance comes contingency

Y2K, Utilities, and the Titanic

----------  That's the night that the lights went out in Auckland

Blackout - Technology saves the day as business moves out

Power crisis gives taste of Year 2000 havoc - Dunne

Mercury - was Quicksilver, now Longblack - and the Y2K bug

----------  This is a test.  This is only a test.  If this were an actual emergency...

Test Patterns

----------  We interrupt this program to bring you an ABC News Special Report Millennium Bugged
----------  We control the vertical.  We control the horizontal.

New millennium could cause grave problems

Company seeking state computer work sent bureaucrats e-mail with virus

----------  On the bloody morning after... One tin soldier rides away.

Coming soon: Year 2000 SWAT teams

After the Gold Rush

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