Ixquick Metasearch
FOR EXAMPLE:  (excertped from the Unabomber Manifesto)

1. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of
being strong, good and successful. They hate 
America, they hate Western civilization, they hate 
white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that 
leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not
correspond with their real motives. They SAY they 
hate the West because it is warlike, imperialistic, 
sexist, ethnocentric and so forth, but where these 
same faults appear in socialist countries or in
primitive cultures, the leftist finds excuses for them, or 
at best he GRUDGINGLY admits that they exist; 
whereas he ENTHUSIASTICALLY points out (and 
often greatly exaggerates) these faults where they 
appear in Western civilization. Thus it is clear that 
these faults are not the leftist's real motive for hating 
America and the West. He hates America and the 
West because they are strong and successful.

2. Words like "self-confidence," "self-reliance," 
"initiative," "enterprise," "optimism," etc., play little 
role in the liberal and leftist vocabulary. The leftist is 
anti-individualistic, pro-collectivist. He wants society 
to solve every one's problems for them, satisfy 
everyone's needs for them, take care of them. He is 
not the sort of person who has an inner sense of 
confidence in his ability to solve his own problems 
and satisfy his own needs. The leftist is antagohistic 
to the concept of competition because, deep inside, 
he feels like a loser.

3. Modern leftish philosophers tend to dismiss 
reason, science, objective reality and to insist that 
everything is culturally relative. It is true that one can 
ask serious questions about the foundations of 
scientific knowledge and about how, if at all, the
concept of objective reality can be defined. But it is 
obvious that modern leftish philosophers are not 
simply cool-headed logicians systematically 
analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are 
deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth 
and reality. They attack these concepts because of 
their own psychological needs. For one thing, their 
attack is an outlet for hostility, and, to the extent
that it is successful, it satisfies the drive for power. 
More importantly, the leftist hates science and 
rationality because they classify certain beliefs as 
true (i.e., successful, superior) and other beliefs as 
false (i.e., failed, inferior). The leftist's feelings of 
inferiority run so deep that he cannot tolerate any
classification of some things as successful or superior 
and other things as failed or inferior. This also 
underlies the rejection by many leftists of the concept 
of mental illness and of the utility of IQ tests. Leftists 
are antagonistic to genetic explanations of human
abilities or behavior because such explanations tend 
to make some persons appear superior or inferior to 
others. Leftists prefer to give society the credit or 
blame for an individual's ability or lack of it. Thus if a 
person is "inferior" it is not his fault, but society's,
because he has not been brought up properly.

4. If our society had no social problems at all, the 
leftists would have to INVENT problems in order to 
provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss.
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