Radio and Television Networks

BBC Television
/ Ceefax Travel travel
/ Children's BBC
/ Points of View
/ See Hear
/ The Net
/ Open University
/ BBC East
/ BBC Radio 3 Open University
/ BBC Radio 4 Today
/ New Ideas
/ Womans Hour
/ BBC Radio 5-Live The Big Byte
/ BBC World Service
CBC Radio
/ "Brave New Waves"
/ "Cross-Country Check-Up"
/ "Definitely Not the Opera".
/ "Gabereau"
/ "Marg Meikle -- The Answer Lady"
/ "Morningside"
/ "Real Time"
/ "Sunday Morning"
/ CBC Radio Research Vancouver
/ CBC Toronto "Radio Noon"
CBS "Late Show with David Letterman"
Channel 500 .
/ Requests for coverage
/ Questions during live call-ins
/ Viewer services and questions
Channel 2, "Rapport," Sweden
FilmNet, Europe
Fox TV
Maine Public "Media Watch"
Monitor Radio, Boston
MTV Europe Most Wanted
Nebraska Educational TV, Lincoln, Neb
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation Head office
Nexus International Broadcasting Assn.,Milano, Italy
Nat'l Alternative Network, Minneapolis
National Public Radio / "Talk of the Nation"
/ "Talk of the Nation/Sci.Friday"
/ "Fresh Air"
/ "Weekend All Things Considered"
/ "Weekend Edition/Sunday"
/ "West Coast Live"
/ "Dateline"
/ "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
/ Nightly News
/ "Today"
"TV Nation"
New England Cable News, Needham, Mass
Ohio University Public Radio
Ohio University Public Television
Polskie Radio Program I, Poland
Polska Telewizja Kablowa, Poland
"Radio Graffiti"
Public Radio International (formerly APR) "Marketplace"
Radio Nederland
Red Sox Radio Network, Boston
Rush Limbaugh Show
Spectrum, Holmdel, N.J
TV Ontario,"The Future"
Voice of America FWorldnet Television / From outside the U.S
/ From within the U.S
/ QSL reports, outside U.S
/ QSL reports, inside U.S
/ Agriculture Today
/ VOA-Europe (English)
/ VOA-Morning Program